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Sa::Render Download

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1 Sa::Render Download le Jeu 2 Jan - 22:10


Dev Team

SA::RENDER est un mod graphique pour GTA San Andreas, il est beaucoup, beaucoup, BEAUCOUP plus puissant que ENB series, proposant de nombreux shaders, il ressemble très fortement a GTA IV, vous devez EVIDAMMENT avoir un bon PC, c'est déjà un exploit de faire autant de choses graphiques avec le moteur graphique Render Ware de Criterion, je tiens a préciser que je n'en suis pas le créateur, voir en bas de page.


SA::Render - modification which replaces and improves some graphical aspects of game. It brings some new things you possibly saw in new games or even in GTA 4.

Main things it features:
-Deffered lighting;
-Shadow mapping;
-Improved rendering for peds, vehicles, objects, water and some other things, including: dynamic diffuse lighting, per-pixel specular, normal mapping;
-Soft particles;
-Post effects.

Things you need to know before posting here:
1) The mod will be realised as asi-plugin, so you'll need just to have asi-loader for playing with it.
2) We don't compete with Enb here. We make this for interesting gameplay at first. Trying to get the reason for passing game again.
3) We trying to unite it with original data-settings. For example, you still could control some things with timecyc.dat or with material settings in .dff model files.
4) We can't tell clearly how the mod will affect FPS at this time. But we'll try to make it more playable even on weak PCs. Configuration files will be presented, ofcourse.
5) The release date is unknown. We will release it when we'll feel it is ready for it. Developing was started at the beginning of 2013.

Dev team: DK22Pac, PetkaGtA.
Usually helping: }0RIC)-(, Maks, Marty McFly, oksa8.

klabsdev1171 Kepler Labs CEO
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